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We have an immediate goal to connect all sections of Roanoke River Greenway through the urban portion of the valley. As of May 2012, funding has been secured for all segments of this route except the 4-mile "gap" that lies between Roanoke and Salem, and we are now over halfway to raising the $7 million that will be needed to "Bridge the Gap". While the Roanoke River Greenway is an excellent example of shared public/private vision, the majority of funding has come from government sources. To finish it will require the shared commitment and contributions of individuals, corporations, and concerned organizations. While we hope to benefit from federal and state grants, these resources are uncertain. Because our goal and benefits are clear, Bridging the Gap is the way to take control and responsibility for bringing great things to our valley.

bridgeThe trail is incomplete. A four-mile unfunded section remains, which could divide the Greenway into two separate sections. By joining us through your contribution, you will help:
• complete an 18-mile recreational trail that connects our communities from Green Hill Park in western Roanoke County through Salem and Roanoke, to Vinton via the Tinker Creek Greenway,
• become a regional tourist destination as one of the longest urban greenways in the eastern United States,
• increase use of our parks and recreational areas,
• promote healthy living in our communities through a resource that is free for everyone,
• provide greater accessibility to the beautiful Roanoke River,
• offer many educational opportunities ranging from ecology to history,
• create new economic development opportunities,
• and increase the value of individual properties and entire neighborhoods near the Greenway.

Help us complete the Greenway. It will pay dividends for generations to come.

Roanoke River Greenway has become a focal point for connecting people to the great outdoors, recreation and exercise, bicycling, walking, skating, jogging, and fishing. Tremendous progress has been made in developing the Greenway, with eight miles complete and six miles funded for construction.

There remains a gap in the middle where significant funding is needed to complete the four miles that will connect two sections of the Greenway. You can help complete this trail, building both a legacy for the future and a treasure for today.

The Roanoke Valley Greenway Commission has made funding of this section its top priority. In cooperation with the non-profit Pathfinders for Greenways, Inc. and the four localities, the Commission will seek support from a broad range of partners to "bridge the gap." When this section of the path is finished, Roanoke River Greenway will provide a continuous route from Green Hill Park to Tinker Creek Greenway, a distance of more than 18 miles.


Greenway users have asked us to finish the Roanoke River Greenway. We are excited at the prospect of "Bridging the Gap" as both a gesture of regional cooperation and as a critical link in providing a world-class greenway system for the recreational, educational, health, and alternative transportation needs of our citizens.

There are few legacies we can leave that will be more lasting and significant than the completed Greenway. It will both unite and define our communities. We ask that you support this effort financially through your taxdeductible, charitable gift. You may make donations in the form of cash, securities, property, or in-kind services, either once or periodically over three years. Naming and special recognition opportunities are available to those making significant gifts.


Or make checks payable to:
Roanoke Valley Greenways
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